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Amihan will be playing and splashing waters on the 28th. Catch us live Saturday, next week, at BRAND magazine launch at Manila Ocean Park!

See you all there! <3

My Own Rendition of Les Miserable’s “ON MY OWN” (by TinaRNonvocals)

Tell me what do you think. <3

Featuring my video singing “Sun and Moon” (from the broadway musicale entitled, “Ms. Saigon”)

I’ve always wanted to sing broadway. Please pardon my version. I do not intend to imitate Lea Salonga or anyone else… I just love singing this one. :)

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Original song composition by Amihan called SAGLIT. 

A song about true and unconditional love. <3


Sagot ka ng AMIHAN. <3

Featuring their latest original song composition entitled HALIKA in acoustic version… Live and full band version SOON… :D

SIMAN (Si Manloloko) by Amihan (Original Song LIVE!) (by TinaRNonvocals)

Who wants a ‘player’ in first place, right girls? Well, better listen to this one! Featuring Amihan’s original song composition on relationships and INFIDELITY entitled “SiMan (Si Manloloko)” . Live performance at Headstock Bar, Marikina on December 6, 2011.

Saglit by Amihan (Original Composition LIVE at Headstock Bar) (by TinaRNonvocals)

A perfect sing-along for hopeless romantics (like Tina!). Featuring AMIHAN’s live rendition of one of their crowd favorites, “Saglit”. Performed on December 6, 2011 at Headstock Bar, Marikina.

Byahe by Amihan (Original Composition LIVE) (by TinaRNonvocals)

Featuring AMIHAN’s live performance at Headstock Bar, Marikina on December 6, 2011. \m/

Special thanks to Threelion Production, most especially to Headstock Bar, for having the Amihan in your open genre event. \m/

(Source: thesingernurse.blogspot.com)

 As for the audience, they seem to be receptive of  my band’s performance. We don’t actually aim to just ‘rock the house down’. It will mean more if we get to connect with them, at the very moment, in a way or another. But of course, they are still entitled to their own opinions. Like what I always emphasize even in my past blog posts, the audience reserves the right to critic our music, performance, and original songs in ways we might not be aware of. So we make sure that we do make them happy as much as we could one performance at a time. 

(Source: thesingernurse.blogspot.com)

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